SMP-L Secure-Lok™ Interconnect Series

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The introduction of push-on blind-mateable connectors, such as the SMP, galvanized the RF/Microwave industry as their use enabled designers to increase package density. This created the ability to stack PC boards while also simplifying the assembly and test of these designs.

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) has advanced the design of traditional push-on connectors even further with our line of SMP-L connectors. These connectors feature Secure-Lok™, a patented locking mechanism incorporated into the standard SMP interface. Susceptibility to vibration and other environmental factors has historically limited designers to the use of threaded connectors such as the SMA, Type N, etc. The Secure-Lok mechanism enhances the mated retention force typically found in push-on connectors, making the SMP-L series of push-on connectors ideal for rugged military and commercial applications.


  • Frequency range: DC - 40 GHz
  • Patented Secure-Lok mechanism (US Patent No. 8579659)
  • Superior ruggedability and performance compared to standard push-on connectors
  • Fully compatible with SMP standard product line


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