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As of 28 December HUBER+SUHNER acquired the assets of Astrolab, Inc. based in Warren, New Jersey at a non-disclosed price. The deal will be financed from own resources. With its patented minibend® and microbend® cable assemblies Astrolab is mainly active in high tech niche markets like space & defence and offers high end radio frequency solutions for industrial markets.

Press release:

Since its inception in 1961, Astrolab, Inc. has been dedicated to providing the quality, reliability and innovation necessary to satisfy the industry's growing need for state-of-the-art RF/microwave components. A history of significant contributions to military, space, commercial and other electronic industries is the result of this dedication.

Our thorough understanding of application requirements and the ability to design, manufacture and deliver quality products on time and on target have made Astrolab an acknowledged leader in the microwave industry. Astrolab considers its products precision components rather than mere connecting devices. It was precisely this alternative concept over the "insignificant device" that propelled Astrolab to the creation of new products including 90° Sweep Connectors, Hermetic Connectors and Adaptors, Coaxial to Waveguide Adaptors, Phase Shifters, astro-cobra-flex Convoluted Semi-rigid Cables, Flat Response Delay Lines, Quick Disconnect Wavegeuide Clamps, High Temperature Dielectric Beads for 3.5mm and 7mm Connectors, ever-flex, the "Three Million Flex Cable" and the patented minibend®, mini141® and microbend™ Cable Assemblies.

Huber+Suhner product page:

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Microbend R-10, 254mm
From $50.00


Microbend R-11, 279.4mm
From $50.00


Microbend R-12, 304.8mm
From $50.00


Microbend R-14, 355.6mm
From $50.00